Call to the light the dreams in your heart

And come home to your soul's essence.

I believe in the beauty of all things, the power held in the simplest of rituals, and the magic that happens when we nurture our wellbeing. I believe that the ocean represents our soul and the exceptional intuitive power we each embody. And I believe we are each individual and unique in our expression, yet all connected as one. From these beliefs, Oceans of Wellness was born.

Karen Davie from Oceans of Wellness

I'm Karen.

Energy healer and intuitive. Mother and messenger. Clairvoyant and candle creator. And the heart behind Oceans of Wellness.

Every offering here at Oceans of Wellness has been crafted to infuse beauty, connection and light into your life. To help you awaken to your heart and remember your inner power.

As the endless body of water that is the ocean invites us to reflect, release, and transform, I invite you to explore this space – lovingly created with the highest intention to help you come home to you.

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Kind Words From Happy Customers

Oceans of Wellness candles are simply divine with scents of delicate, soft flowers and delicious citrus tones.
Anna James
Happy Customer
The elemental space clearing was a beautiful experience that created a sense of balance and lasting peace in our home.
Suzette Kelson
Happy Customer
I loved every moment of the intentional circle. It was a chance to connect, share and create our very own gorgeous candles!
Ash Greene
Happy Customer