Oceans of Wellness understands that privacy is paramount, and that our customers first concern is the security of the information they share online.

Oceans of Wellness endeavours, at all times, to maintain the highest standards of security of personal and private information.

We have developed strict privacy practices, in accordance with Australian Privacy Legislation, in the hopes that we will be able to make you feel comfortable with your online experience with Oceans of Wellness.

We have prepared the following information, to make users aware of the way in which we will request, collect, store and handle your personal details. Once you engage in our service, we assume that you have read and consented to the use of your personal information in the ways outlined, or ways incidental to those uses.

Collection of Personal Information

Oceans of Wellness will only ever request information of a personal nature from you at the time that it becomes vital to us, in order to fulfil one of our business activities or functions. We will only ever use such information in carrying out our service to you, to the best of our ability.

If you choose to shop with us online at Oceans of Wellness, we may request one or more of the following pieces of information from you:

Your full name

Your e-mail

Your contact telephone number

Your postal address

Your payment information

The information we might require is not necessarily limited to the aforementioned details and may extend to include any piece of information reasonably necessary to complete or assist with your order in the ordinary course of business.

Use and Storage of Personal Information

We will use any necessary information to fulfil your current order, and we may store details for the purposes of streamlining your experience in the future.

Your e-mail address may be used to update you about Oceans of Wellness offerings. If you wish to stop receiving such marketing communications, please contact us and we will remove your e-mail from our subscription list. You are welcome to re-join us at any time.

We always store your personal information as carefully and securely as possible- whether that is in physical or electronic format. The only persons who will have access to your information will be employees or authorised agents of Oceans of Wellness. Information will only ever be accessed at the time that we need to use it to fulfil your order, assist you in correspondence of a customer service nature or update you about other Oceans of Wellness information.

Information is treated as highly confidential by any party who deals with it. When information is no longer required it is deleted or otherwise destroyed.

Oceans of Wellness will never share your information with any third party without your express consent.

Changes to Privacy Practices

We may occasionally make amendments to our privacy practices and processes. Any changes that would affect the way in which we request, collect, store or deal with your information, will be published here. We reserve the right to make these changes without notice or consequence.

Oceans of Wellness expects all users to remain up to date with our Privacy Policy. All changes published will take immediate effect. You continued access to and use of our website and service is taken as your awareness and consent to any changes we may make.

This Privacy Policy is current as of June 2021.  If you have any further questions or concerns about how we commit ourselves to our privacy obligations, please feel free to contact us directly, at any time via